Hello Closet … What to do when nothing speaks to you

The other day while helping at my nieces LuLaRoe Pop-Up-Boutique held at Total Image Solutions Salon & SPA with Private Studio Salon Suites (www.realtotalimagesolutions.com), I experienced a first.

A client who could literally wear ANYTHING could find nothing to buy or wear. I pondered this situation and concluded, “she must not know her fashion personality…”

Sure enough, she did not know her fashion personality AND she was ready buy. What could she do when nothing spoke to her?
She did what any smart woman would do- she bought nothing. Yet as she left, she said- I LOVE the clothes. They feel great.

As a slim, mature woman with a cute figure and short stature, it surprised me to know whe was having such difficulty. Once we discussed the issues at hand I knew we had work to do…

She and I will get together and do a mini photo shoot to show how we resolved this problem using the very comfortable LuLaRoe Clothing (@johnnabatistelularoe) AND delivered her from Fashion pergatory! Hopefully this will happen in this next calendar quarter. I have a couple of trips planned and her schedule, along with my schedule will have to align).

I want to leave you with 3 points that SCREAMED loudly at me throughout our discussion that would have helped her to find what she wanted…
1. Know FASHION Personality & specifically yours- it’ll save you hours.
2. Don’t think age has anything to do with it.
3. Weight & height don’t determine your style.

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