Crayola Crafty Cooking kits for Kids’s Cookie Day

Today is Grandma’s cookie day!  Teaching kids how to be givers so that they too can live the “Dress Rich, Live Richer” philosophy, begins with the family concept.

In December, one day is set aside to decorate cookies.  These cookies are then delivered to the local YWCA for the families residing in temporary housing in order to escape domestic violence.

The cost for this day- $1.49 a box.  The local GroceryOutlet Bargin Market has “pick a pumpkin cookie kits” by Crayola for $1.49 a box (regular price- $10 a box). Why? Because Grocery Outlet buy out  items that are not needed, damaged in transit, or out of season. In this case–out of season, BUT… These can be easily converted to Christmas Cookies by crafty Grandmas or Mommas.

Take a piece of cardboard and

  1. draw the shapes you desire.
  2. Cut out the cardboard shape.
  3. Place on top of the rolled out cookie dough
  4. Use a plastic knife and cut out the shape by following along the outter edge of the shape.
  5. Bake
  6. Decorate. 
  7. Use food color to create the colors you wish.

Or use the pumpkin shape cookie cutters supplied in the kit and make them ornaments by making white frosting and painting them white and decorating them with the colors you created from the food color.

Easy. Fun. Cheap. Good. Having fun teaching kids to make a difference by Dressing their cookies and living richer by enriching the lives of others. Savings- $8.50 (excluding cost of food color and white frosting- add those in)