1 Year and Going Strong-Fill the RUNWAY Fashion Exchange Tacoma

RUNWAY Fashion Exchange Tacoma is going strong!   Don’t forget they are Buying”

Make some money, sell your gently used- very fashionable clothes and PUT YOUR MONEY AWAY FOR A RAINY DAY (or car).

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 The economy is still making a come back.  Places like RUNWAY Fashion are doing a good business and helping the economy by buying, selling, and promoting a lifestyle that gets you what you want at a price you can afford.   Not to mentioning some pocket money…wink, wink.

I went into RUNWAY Fashion last week to sell some stuff .  As many of you know, I am a re-seller of  “found” items.  Garage sales, estate sales, Goodwill, etc are my hunting grounds.  Finding that if I can repurpose or recycle something, somehow transforms me into a “fairy clothes mother”. It feels really good.   Sometimes I think it is because I am adopted.  As a kid, I thought of adopted as, You know, cast off and found(chosen) by my parents. Still good but for whatever the reason not wanted, needed, or desired BUT somehow understood to be of value! Whew! Did I get off topic…let me get back to shopping/selling!

Let me give you an example of what I sold–


  • a brand new pucca make up bag– $48 new (I found this at Goodwill with the tags on it)
  • A’eropostale skinny leg jeans size 15/16

But it’s what they didn’t buy that surprised me!

  • brand new Ed Hardy men’s jeans (tags & found at Goodwill)
  • Ed Hardy belt

My buyer for the day told me that for some reason, Ed Hardy is not selling.  So she wasn’t buying.  She said sometimes people get upset with her because they don’t understand why they won’t buy their stuff.  So she likes to educate her sellers as she reviews their items. 

She is smart (so is her employer!), this ensures-

 Happy Seller, Happy Buyer! 


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