Fashionista Feet Shopping In Style…Family Time

Two times a year the mountain town of Packwood, turns their main street into a mecca for shoppers and sellers, guaranteeing “3 F & B” Food, Family, Fun  &  (on a) budget .

There is something for everyone! Even a mom who is a fashionista.

 The weekends of Memorial Day (May) and Labor Day(Sept), typically a three day holiday for most families, makes Packwood fill up with campers, shoppers, sellers and all kinds of food vendors. Many of the vendors come from as far away a Oregon and have been selling in the same sites for years… the organizers of the event let the vendors camp in their spaces.

I am always on the look out for ways to save money and look good.  A beautiful decidedly Redheaded fashionista caught my eye as she was talking to son.  Her hair had a “Flame” designed Ombre hair color which the hairdresser in me could not miss.   The color itself was a statement but the way she used it to create an optical balance was brilliance!

I asked the mom if she would mind if I took her picture for my Blog- Dress Rich Live Richer. Her son looked at her and smiled. After a minute of deliberation, she said yes. Her son was really proud of his mom and it showed.

Because this event requires so much walking, it is prudent to wear shoes that keep your feet happy. This mom found a way to still look stylish and treat her feet right.

Dressing for the occasion really does not have to result in looking “boring”… This fashionista definitely styled the way for others to follow.

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