What the rich do to stay rich

When I first started in the beauty business, I worked at a high end department store, the now defunct Frederick and Nelsons of Seattle, Washington.  This store was the joy of  many a childs Christmas dreams.  It had everything. And it was synonymous with quality.  Their image and name were the same.

The store required that all women wear dresses- even the window display lady had to wear a dress (but she got to wear pants underneath).  Going up and down ladders did not stop the power of “image” for that department store.  Image was everything. And image brought in the big rollers & high spenders.  People knew if they came to Frederick and Nelsons they would get quality. They were not afraid to pay the price.  Labels were not the way someone knew that something was of a fine quality, you could see it a mile away. 

Needless to say, replacing good clothing was not a high order.  Instead, they bought accessories.  And the one accessory that I loved the most, involved seeing me.  It was the accessory you wear everyday- Hair.

There were 4 things that I noticed that the rich did-

  1.  They wore quality clothing and did not worry about trend.  They were always in style.
  2.  They did not waste money on throw away stuff. Their stuff became the Antiques of today and vintage of yesterday.
  3.  They resold their unwanted items…hmmm…they could do this because it was what is called “classic styling” and good quality.
  4.  They bought services to make their lives more enjoyable. Cleaning services, haircare services, decorating services, all became a critical piece to their lives.  As for me- I loved that hair services fit in there. It made my life better.

In this age of “Fast Food, Cheap Clothes” and FACEBOOK (of which the name sake is a quality product but sometimes the content is not thereby reducing it to yesterdays fodder), it is nice to know some things never change–Quality matters. You will always get more for your money that will show up in memories, tangible items such as electronics-though old, they still work, or a Richer Life Style.

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