What do Port, Estate, Garage sales and Marshalls have in common


Sundaybefore last, after taking my dad to church, he and his friend went out to breakfast. Since my dad has vascular dementia caused from several strokes, he no longer drives. Though he and I usually estate sale together, I decided to still go Estate Sale-ing.

After looking online at www.estatesale.com, I found an address close by and headed that direction. While meandering along, another Estate Sale sign popped up. It wasn’t the same sale but looked interesting. I followed them to the sale.

Low and behold, I find the find of all finds! A mirrored dresser. I nervously ask the attendant how much for the drawers (they were modules to be put together) and she said- $5.00. Inwardly I “Glup”. Then she adds, if you take them all you can have them for $20. “Glup Glup” I am so happy!
Before I knew it, I had bought the drawers and was working with the space constraints of my 2001 Honda CR-V. After a bit of finagling it fit! I was delighted. Because I had 6 knobs in a boxed set from an outlet retailer (like Marshalls) I figured I might find them easily at a like store…WRONG. It wasn’t easy.
Today, the 4th of July , I went to a garage sale and saw the most perfect mid-century orange, round sewing box and thought immediately of my daughters sister-in-law who loves orange and mid-century. I texted my daughter because I did not have her sister in laws number and also to give her a chance to get it if she wanted to gift it to her. It took a bit for her to get back to me since she is on vacation. By the time she got back to me I was at home. I then got back in my car and went back to the sale to buy the item. Unfortunately, they were closed!!
As I was siting in the driveway writing a note to say I missed them, they drove up.
She told me that they had left after we had come by earlier to check on their signs. We had mentioned that we had a dickens of a time finding their sale because there wasn’t a sign. She thought that was odd. So…she went out to see what happened to the signs. Wonder of wonders-Someone had taken them!
Anyway, I was there in time to get the sewing box. YAY!!!
On my way home, I decided to get chicken from our favorite chicken place- Haagens. But, they had changed to Albertsons! As luck would have it they offered the same chicken special and were weeding out their wines at an incredible discount! I decided that I should get the Port wine because it was in the largest bottle and had such a beautiful color… plus it was a smashing deal!

Next came a stop at Marshalls hoping to find knobs. After searching, I found a $2 tray but no knobs. At checkout the cashier said- find everything okay? My response was- I was hoping to be #surprisedbymarshalls (a tag I had seen advertised in the store) by finding drawer knobs… Her eyebrows went up and she said,

“I know there are knobs, I just put them away yesterday!”

She got me an attendant to help me find the knobs and “YES”, I was indeed #surprisedbymarshalls !

The moral of this story – doing a good deed comes back to you over and over in way you never think it will. Estate sale, garage sale, and port wine- cost; hardly anything. Value; The makings of a rich life!


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