Art Garden Pottery

“Window Designs With Curb Appeal“

When is a garbage can not a garbage can? Answer—when it is creatively used to display
flowers, plants and shrubs!

While doing some work in Moses Lake, Washington, I saw this fabulous window display.
I was drawn to it immediately. It had what I call the 3 C’s of Window Display & Design

1stconsumer appeal; you got what I want. The outside colors were contemporary yet
there was a sense of “homey-ness”. I wanted that. I felt like I could do what they were
doing at my home.

2nd —clear message; This is how you get it. The galvanized garbage cans made into
pots was enticing. I said- hey, I can do that. But can I make it look as good as they do?
The answer—yes! How? Come to the classes that we will be having starting Nov. 22nd.
Or better yet come see us on FACEBOOK! Be our friend. We’ll be yours.

3rd —charisma; “come in my little friend”, said the spider the fly!.
Okay—I am hooked. If your prices & services are as good as your curb appeal, I will be
back again and again!!

At the time I saw the store, it was not yet open but I could hardly wait to come back and
find out more about what they will be offering.

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