Goodwill Hunting

Looking for a way to help build a good work wardrobe without breaking the bank?
May I suggest you start with a good label? Labels are for identifying more than the
name of a garment. They tell you the manufacturer reputation. Once you know how to
read behind a label, you will be able to go into any thrift or secondhand store and build a
quality wardrobe at an unbelievable price.

Quality is the key here. What determines quality in a garment is its ability to endure
regular wear and tear. The fit and the fabric is important as is the detailing on the inside
finish of the garment. You will find the more expensive the fabric, the more expensive
the garment. Also, the workmanship of the seamstress or tailor will contribute to the

The label we have found is “Symantik”. I know that this label is sold at finer department
and specialty stores. It is available at Nordstrom department stores. Because the quality
of this garment is very good, it will be one that will last a long time with regular wear and
tear-suffice it to say, even heavy wear and tear will show a marked ability in the garment
for endurance.

Every store of any repute will have what I will call a “pattern maker”. This pattern
maker creates a tool (a basic pattern) called a “sloper”. Slopers are the foundation of
any garment that particular store (manufacturer) creates. Sometimes these garments
will be the same as the designers’ items they carry. Of course they are at significantly
reduced prices. They will carry the house brand. Example — Nordstorms’ house brand is

The sloper establishes the size and fit of their garments. For example—all their pants
will be made from a basic sloper, which can be adjusted to create specific design details
such as a higher waist or wider leg. Yet the size has become standardized to fit all people
with the measurements of that sloper. Short of hemming the pants, they will pretty much
fit you.

The very best fitting clothes will be those that are made for your body. As we all know,
no body is exactly alike. Finding what fits your body takes some work but it is well
worth it. Even a ¼ of an inch can make a huge difference in the way something looks.

Examples of clothes made for a particular body type can be found in Ann Taylor Stores
or Talbots, to name a few. For the sake of simplicity I’ve chosen these two stores
because of the quality of their garments.

Now let’s say you find Ann Taylor clothing to be a perfect fit for you. Head to Goodwill
and look for Ann Taylor labels.

You only need to know what stores carry what brands and find out how they fit to know
what to buy at your local Goodwill Store.

Goodwill Industries is known for their community service programs to help people with
disabilities get to work.

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