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Make your sign shine- know your body type

The Pacific Northwest is one of those places that challenges a stylish woman’s sense of control. In the morning it might be raining, by afternoon it is sunny and clear- then raining again! What’s a girl to do?

I found the solution lies in 3 simple steps…




1- know your sign – just kidding. Seriously know your body type. I like the 4 basic body type (shapes). Within those body types are other sub categories such as being long waisted or full busted etc. The best book on this subject is by Jan Larkey called Figure Flattery and DRESS For IT.

2- know your *FASHION personality- everyone is born with a personality, even a fashion personality. This means you are drawn to a particular look over and over… however you may have fallen victim to style envy and purchased looks that are not in your best interest. I LOVE the 4 basic fashion personalities. They are simple to use and help you to CHOOSE to USE a fashion personality other than your own if you are feeling kinda “fickle” that day!

* most women in the Pacific Northwest are Natural Fashion Personalities- comfort wins every time! Don’t let comfort TRUMP your inner stylish souls! You can have both!!! (my niece Johnna @lularoejohnnabatiste can help you with your LulaRoe Purchase… she has awesome style and ideas galore! Plus she works in the weather all the time so she understands our unique PNW needs)

3. Learn to wear clothing that Flatters Your Figure (don’t forget your natural coloring – but that is another story to be told later…) highlight your assets… you will love the results… YOU WILL FEEL GOOD!

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