HAIR- In with the new and out with the old “frump mcbump”

  “Style is not an age…it is a feeling”


  The other day…

growing my hair out I left the restaurant feeling really good! The waitress said to me- “You’ve got a new style…” After chatting for a bit, I found out she was a hairstylist and had trained at one of our more prestigious Beauty Academy’s in Washington State- Gene Juarez

She wasn’t currently in the industry but she knew good hair when she saw it. I have to say I was really surprised she remembered since it had been at least 6 months since I ‘d been in that restaurant. She explained she had a photographic memory… she could tell us what we had to eat the last time and so much more! I was doubly impressed.

But…, when she said- “you look 20 years younger…”, I knew getting a new more stylish look had paid off.

I remember when my clients first started to turn 60. They looked good.
It was clear they were not frumpy… they were stylish. I knew when I got to their age, I wanted the same thing for myself.
The key to their Stylish looks stemmed from 3 basic deeply ingrained facets of their lives.
1. They had their hair done regularly and it showed.
I remember one client told me that when she got married, she and her husband had THE talk. The one about priorities. She had been single a long time and now as a married woman, wife, mother & teacher, she was not going to be able to do things the way she did before. Before she only had herself to worry about… so they had the talk. She said- “honey, I HAVE to have my hair done once a week. It makes me happy & saves me time. I know that our budget will have to be adjusted to accommodate this but this is a priority for my mental and physical well being.”
He said- “Good to know.”
They arrived at a budget that kept the priorities in place for both of them.
2. They understood how to stretch a dollar and where to spend it.
One of my clients loved to eat out and also loved getting her hair done- once a week. Again, it was a matter of choices and priorities. She found places like Loehmanns Plaza in Factoria – Bellevue, Washington (now a days think  TJ Maxx- and would get scratch and dent items, fix them up and they were good as gold. The savings she used for her hair.
3. They understood that if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!
Simply put they found the best for themselves and still took good care of the family.  Of course there have been women who did not marry and I’d say the same is still true for them.
 That was 20 years ago… now some of my clients will be turning 80. AND they still look good. They really don’t look old…
How is that possible? 80 is 80 and 60 is 60. When you are 40 or less, you don’t really notice styles unless they look FRUMPY or are really Stylish.
“Style is not an age, it is a feeling.”
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