How to Do Self Styled Haircoloring for the Bravehearted

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Young woman with Flare

COLOR ANYONE???? This is a call to the wild and adventurous.

How do you explain it when you see something and just know it is good?

While on our junk shopping route, my dad and I saw this young gal.

She was so busy doing her job and serving others that she did not even know she was an object of art.

I stopped her and asked if I could take her picture for my blog. She was flattered and surprised.

She now knows that her DIY talent is appreciated by others.

We talked for a few minutes and she told me that her mother is her haircolor helper. She will apply the color to the area the young lady parts off for application.

To create this look, she will:

1. Blow dry and straighten her hair.

2. Apply a bleach directly to the hair.

*note there are many types of over the counter bleaches. The ones made for on the scalp bleaching often are not strong enough to lift very dark hair up to the lightest level of blonde in one setting.

3. Process hair for desired light-ness (color)

4. Rinse hair.

5. Towel Dry

6. Apply toner

* note- she uses a blue toner because she wants the brightest white she can get.

7. She said when she is feeling full of fun she will put a pink, blue or even purple toner on to make herself smile!

Happy Coloring!






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