Northwest Style with Possible Showers

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Total Image Solutions Image. Salon. SPA with Private Studio Suites was established in 1999

Make your look easy care by having a hairstyle that can handle the spring drizzle that is commonly in the air.
Often, a good heat styling lotion like REDKEN Hot Sets, will lock down the cuticle of the hair and help it to avoid becoming frizzy.

REDKEN Hot Sets 22 keeps the cuticle down and moisture in the air at bay

Clothing also has to have the ability to bounce back if it gets wet too! Denim is always a good choice but sometimes it can seem just a bit too casual. Spruce up the look by using accessories such as a belt to draw the eye where you want it to go. A choice of a wide belt works when paired with a short jacket and a long shirt.  Because of the elongated look of the shirt they eye is not drawn to where the jacket ends and the booty begins! This is especially true for the person who is a little sensitive about the generous derriere ! For those who don’t care – enjoy your fashion freedom…you are the women we all enjoy watching.

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