How to Jean Fringe – From Seoul with Love

Fringe has always had a way of jumping in to fashion just when you think it could NEVER make a comeback . It seems that the 1970’s is reemerging with all the earmarks ¬†of being a fun fad that may hang around for awhile.

Whether you decide to go and buy your fringed jeans or make them yourself, having the roadmap to create your new “hip” look can’t do anything but help you have the confidence to dive in and join this rodeo!

Fringed Jeans inspired by Seoul, easy as 1, 2, 3, !

Step 1- trim off stitched hem

Step 2- cut vertical slots into bottom of pant

Step 3- pull at fabric loosening the weave to create ‘fringed’ edge!


To create an uneven cropped fringed jean. Start with trimming the currently sewn hem… 1

My roomate for the Mosaic 2017 Hapa Tour ( Linda, is a fashionista! She has an eye for fashion and the initiative try it! She was ‘Seoul’ inspired by the cropped fringed jeans that she made them herself!

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