Dress Your Bed Rich- FRINGE it!

These days dressing a bed can be as challenging as dressing yourself. Finding the right color or style is no easy task.  Even if you do find the right color or fit for your bed and lifestyle – do you like to tuck tight enough for a quarter to bounce or are you a casual “toss a comforter” type person?

I love a beautiful bedroom and for me it includes the pillows and comforter.  While visiting my friend Gail, I noticed while heading to the bathroom that she had a beautiful sea shore still life in her bedroom bay window.  Remarking on the beauty of the window, she responded with ‘come on  and see what I am making!

Gorgeous handmade Fringed Bed Topper brings home memories of the Sea

Much to my surprise, she had this beautiful bed topper that was mostly finished sitting atop her bed.  She said, this is going to be one of the heaviest Bed toppers around because she had layered several fabrics to allow the ends to create the fringed effect.

Dress your bed rich with colors from the sea…handmade bed topper creates the feel of the sea by using the fringed edges to emulate frothy foam!


White with shades of the sea make this fringed bed topper the gorgeous eye candy you see.

Gorgeous handmade bed topper

The colors she chose were based on her love of the Sea. I found a website www.moona.com that is actually an Etsy store that offers custom color coordination when you choose from one of their fabric choices.


Simply choose one solid color fabric and it will bring up several coordinating color choices. It is hard to figure out just the colors that will work to produce the look you have in your mind. Asking a professional to assist is one of the best ways to provide a sure to please outcome.

JoAnne Fabrics is another place to go and have a feel of the fabrics but honestly, the real satisfaction comes from knowing you have the look

Gorgeous handmade Fringed Bed Topper brings home memories of the Sea




that screams – Unique, opulent and flat out RICH.  Whether you decide to try your hand at creating this fabulous topper or set out on a hunt to find one ready made, you will not be disappointed. These colors are as restful as a day at the ocean.


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