ARCH Your way to beauty…it’s a cultural thing


Is Frieda someone you’d want to wake up to?

With most things in life, if you go in looking for perfection you are bound to be disappointed …OR …. See Frieda’s brows!

I am in Mexico, arches are not something to take lightly. You find them everywhere! An arch on you, an arch on me, an arch of the brow or the arch of a tree…

Lest I get carried away.

In foreign lands beauty and dress is desired not only for the heart but for SURVIVAl.

You see, I noticed coming through customs, women simply cease to exist when a man is present.

There is no need to see our passport or our pictures… We simply follow along in the safety of our men.

Hirsuite women, prominate brows and the like may be something to be aspired to, not “plucked” aside.

Seriously, with brows like Frieda, you are not likely to NOT notice.

Immediately,  creative juices start to brew with color seeking and drama not far behind.  I see a cat with brows the size of catapillers. The mangy dog is not at all unattractive as her brows move independent of each other to draw your eye directly into the path of fulfillment…

Even the children, dusty and dark working the entertainment circuit with their parents, performing fire dancing and twirly do dads arch their brows.

A fiery free flying stringed yo yo, may give distinct arch to their brow.

Is it dust or is it the magic of the moment?

An  ARCH makes me feel “rich” with choices… I see beauty in those brows.

Sayulita, Mexico

The arch of a brow or the bend of a mustache . Love ’em or hate ’em, they are here to stay.


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