What the rich do to stay rich

When I first started in the beauty business, I worked at a high end department store, the now defunct Frederick and Nelsons of Seattle, Washington.  This store was the joy of  many a childs Christmas dreams.  It had everything. And [...]
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Crayola Crafty Cooking kits for Kids’s Cookie Day

Today is Grandma’s cookie day!  Teaching kids how to be givers so that they too can live the “Dress Rich, Live Richer” philosophy, begins with the family concept. In December, one day is set aside to decorate cookies.  These cookies [...]
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Goodwill Hunting

Looking for a way to help build a good work wardrobe without breaking the bank? May I suggest you start with a good label? Labels are for identifying more than the name of a garment. They tell you the manufacturer [...]
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