When you think of a beautiful woman, you think they must have wonderful clothing, skin tone to die for, eye color that’s breath taking, and almost always a body of perfection. One thing I have learned that was quite astonishing in the total 12 month course I took at TSPA, was that it takes the average person 3 seconds to judge an individual strictly upon just their looks. The great thing about this study is that although people can be so quick to judge, the beauty industry can help make complete transformations for those women who have insecurities regarding their appearances.

The Total Look course taught by Mrs. Webster was a complete eye opener. The skills that she taught us were not only to help our future clients, but to help us as individuals truly understand the meaning of an over all transformation. Total look also made it clear that we can help women become confident, beautiful, and overall help our clients feel a complete balance of beauty from head to toe.

Some things that Mrs. Webster taught us during this time were challenging to hear as a woman; because as we know, the beauty industry can be very blunt and crude. And although this may be true, Mrs. Webster helped us understand that we had the ability to look and feel wonderful just the way we are. She also gave thorough examples of the right colors to use on our skin tone, as well as what hairstyles we should and should not wear.

I soon started to realize that these are very common questions that my clients would ask me everyday in the salon, “Which face shape do I have?” “Would this hair color compliment my skin tone” and etc. I soon realized that this class was going to be extremely beneficial. The first day of this course, Mrs. Webster opened with explaining the exact meaning of Total Look, and asked for a volunteer from the class. Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I raised my hand, and started to walk towards the front of the classroom. She had sit me down in the center of the classroom, and draped me in this toped color cloth around my entire body.

Feeling skeptical, she continued by putting my hair into a hairnet that had no exposure of my hair, and started pulling out swatches of different colors. She then continued by asking the class of which colors were complimentary colors to my skin tone? This helped my class and I define the Do’s and the don’ts for cool and warm skin tones. We also discussed the shape of my face, and how I could disguise the roundness of my face. She then explained to me some different styling methods as well as different haircuts that would be flattering to my face.

When it came to the end of our session, Mrs. Webster then asked me to please stand up in front of the class to demonstrate how to determine a Body Shape. Feeling very nervous, I stood up and had Mrs. Webster wrap me up into a cotton towel surrounding the entire width of my body. This directly pointed out my extreme curves. We then started looking at the hand out’s that she had given us that were to help us define a woman’s “body type”. Hoping for the best shape possible, I stood their anxiously waiting for the results.

We then discovered that I had an Hourglass body shape, and Mrs. Webster explained exactly how I hold my weight, as well as several different styling methods I can use to show off my best assets, and hide the worst. After this course was finished, I had a completely different outlook on a woman’s beauty. It’s not just about their hair, or they’re clothing, or what body shape they have; A woman’s beauty can be determined in their total look of their appearance, and how that their total look can start their day with confidence everyday.

To wrap this up, Mrs. Webster did an amazing job with teaching Total Look to our cosmetology class. She taught us several things by breaking down the entire appearance of a woman’s body, which we secretly judge everyday. It take 3 seconds to judge one person, and with the help of total look, you can feel secure as an individual knowing you look balanced with beauty. By defining eye color, skin tone, body shape, as well as clothing type, you can have just that. To conclude this simply, with out Mrs. Webster teaching the class of September, we wouldn’t have grasped how to uncover the beauty in every woman.


Chelsey Jackson
I love you Mrs. Webster

Chelsey Jackson,
Total Look Student


And so it is You!
Love you,

Author “GET GLOWING! You Are a Star Right Where You Are”

Ann Mincey,
Retired VP Global Communications REDKEN

Terri Dunevant

Also known as: “Terri the Blitz Master”
I came to Peggy already feeling pretty good about myself, but knowing that I should be getting better results in business.

I thought maybe she could help me with my image. First, she threw out much of my closet (and explained why) then, she told me what I needed to look for (and why). She took the things I was allowed to keep and showed me how to wear them in a way that would accentuate my physical assets while hiding those I didn’t want to accentuate.

She showed me how to wear my hair like a successful woman of my age, how to get the most out of a quick make-up application and gave me recordings to study to that I would not only be doing what she said, but completely understand.

Within a month after my image consultation was complete, my sales went up 10X from the amount they were previously! I felt great, and it showed through in my confidence.

People, believed in me, trusted me, and wanted to do what I represented. Peggy’s consultation was a turning point in my life.

I am now living my dream as a motivational speaker internationally and I owe a part of that to my now best friend, Peggy Webster.

CEO WinCourage,llc

Terri Dunevant,
International Motivational Speaker

To whom it may concern:
I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Peggy Webster. 

Peggy has done consultant work for The Prosperity Center and is a wealth of knowledge. She is passionate about helping others improve their lives, their attitude and their appearance. All of these things help others in their jobs.

Peggy demonstrates her understanding of what business is all about, is well organized and thrives under adversity. I suppose doing well in business is easy if you are, as she is, driven in equal measure by both quality and efficiency.
In closing, let me say I have no hesitation in recommending Peggy Webster for any consulting position. 

Candi Jaeger
Prosperity Center Director 

Candi Jaeger,
Prosperity Center Director



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