Who We Are

Designing A Quality Life:

Dress Rich, Live Richer is a philosophy and plan for living a rich life. Contrary to common thought- Rich does not only apply to monetary wealth. One can be rich in thought, relationships, and so many other areas without the huge income.

Yet- still own the creature comforts that make us as human beings feel good. We show you how you too can Live Rich by Dressing all areas of your life in this philosophy.

Our Process

We teach you how to shop smart, plan a life of abundance, and make it happen through a proven plan of action.

Our Vision

Through personal interviews, thought provoking video, and written material we will fulfill our mission in life to inspire,educate and empower others to live their best life right now–the world can be a better place because you are living this philosophy.

Company Background & Approach
Peggy Rose has been in the business of beauty and people since 1975. Years of working with individuals desiring a quality beauty work at a reasonable price culminated in the philosophy “dress rich, live richer”.

After observing some of the best dressed women and men in the Northwest come into the salon, a theme started to emerge- these people weren’t classically rich- huge bank accounts and trusts but they were living a “Rich Life” of beautiful clothes, great services, and wonderful relationships.

I began to study what made this happen for them and learned it could happen for anyone. This began the approach of the “design consultation”

Message From Peggy Rose
Life is what YOU make it, But you don’t have to do it alone! Dress Rich, Live Richer is my gift to anyone who has the courage to challenge the status quo.

A little work, a lot of fun, and quality connections will deliver a life you thought only the rich and famous live.

Of all the things I value in life, I would have to say that partnerships are the most important. I believe we are meant to share our lives with others.

Sometimes, we will create life long partnerships and other times we will have a partnership for a season. Whichever one were are in, the important thing is to be true to each other.

Kindness but truth is critical for a good working relationship.

Peggy Rose's Philosophy
You are an individual, given one life to live, you can do it with style-your style.

Find your style and it will enrich the lives of everyone around you. Make it positive and others will see you shine.

You are an original gift to everyone around you- dress for the part- Dress Rich, Live Richer.