• Upcycling
    “Two Ways to Save on Quality Labels” What a wonderful find! A pair of “like new” CAbi black pants found at my favorite store—the store with the very best under one roof! What can it be but Goodwill. I find [...]
  • Display Design
    “Display & Designs for Bringing People In”- use your store front & displays to keep ’em coming back! tm Remember the days of window displays that made people say “wow”? Learn to Create that feeling right in your store or [...]
  • Consignment Expert
    Consignment shops accept merchandise on a consignment basis, paying owners a percentage when and if the items are sold. Most pay consignors from 40 to 60% of the selling price, and have a policy of displaying goods for anywhere from [...]
  • Speaking
    A consistently innovative entrepreneur, successful both in organizing new ventures and in significantly expanding existing businesses. Broadly experienced in all aspects of small business management, including marketing, training, personal, and finance. Korean-Caucasian heritage with multi-cultural extended family has provided experience [...]
  • Image Consultations; Personal, Business & Beauti SPA ‘s
              “Check up from the neck up!” * A look at your personal coloring, face shape, facial grooming, hair design and accessories. “Corporate, Career, Creative- Which are you?” * why it is important to know and [...]
  • Coaching
    Image Coaching   Did you know it takes a person 30 Seconds to decide up to 11 different impressions of you?   These include, how much money you make, are you trust worthy, what kind of job you will provide, [...]