Firefly Cafe

Window Makeover Winner – Firefly Cafe. Owner Carol.

I called Carol to tell her she had won the window makeover and expected to hear a “wooo hooo” or something of the sort.  Not the case.  I thought…hmmm. This ought to be interesting.

Carol and I met at 2pm to discuss her window makeover.  It was at that time I understood her calm reserve from our earlier conversation.  Carol is a woman with a very dry sense of humor who makes amazing wet homemade soups! Just an example of her sense of humor.

Carol and I shook hands and I asked her– how did you feel when you found out you won the makeover?  Her answer, given with a twinkle in her eye–“I thought they chose me because I had the ugliest windows.”  At this point, I knew this was going to be fun.

Carols’ cafe name- Firefly Cafe, came out of a conversation she had with her daughter. And it showed throughout her cafe.

Fireflies, paintings, plants, play area for kids, great soup & wonderful bread, ice cream–a delightful place to eat.  Yet her window display said none of this.  My mission was to use what Carol had right there in her store and work my magic by making her window display say–

“Hey, come in here! I got something just for you and it is good food !”

Because of the full house during the lunch hour, it was obvious people liked her food.  Now it was time to make sure she was communicating that message in her window display and to make some suggestions on how she could make the inside say the same thing.

I focused on 3 main points:

1. Congruency- cafe name, cafe food, cafe window= a good time
•    In the window, using a painting of a starry night, a table setting & a menu, along with the appropriate balance and visual statement made from the display I was able to convey the message- come in, you will eat here and have a good time & meal.

2. Customer needs & Flow once in the Cafe
•     Inside we talked about creating a family and kid friendly area for Saturdays when families come in and kids want ice cream. Plus we talked about giving a “bounce back coupon” during the week so that the families will have a reason to come back on the weekend.

3. Consistency–are the customers getting what they think they will get.
•    The staff is great. The food is great. The image is becoming more consistent with what the people who already come in have found. Good service, good food, at a reasonable price.
Mission accomplished!