A consistently innovative entrepreneur, successful both in organizing new ventures and in significantly expanding existing businesses. Broadly experienced in all aspects of small business management, including marketing, training, personal, and finance.

Korean-Caucasian heritage with multi-cultural extended family has provided experience in working with virtually every ethic group.

Adopted at birth, learning to cope with the various self esteem challenges that come with that designation.

Since her beginning in the image and beauty business in 1975, Peggy Rose has been growing and learning–continuing to this day.

Peggy Rose brings all her vast knowledge and experience to produce an entertaining and educational presentation.

Her topics include but are not limited to:

“How to be Me if I think they want someone else?”
*Self Esteem Development & Projection

“Dress for Success- A New World View”
* Getting connected at first glance

“Perfecting Your Plan”
* Getting a real world MBA- Masters in Business Activity! Learn to market without advertising

” Displays & Designs to Bring “em in and results that keep “em coming back!”
* Creating a program to help your audience (clients, guests, patrons, shoppers) understand the value of   using your services & products.

“Making a difference in your community- Retirement; a time to work @ what you really love!”

” Work Style- Taking the confusion out of Casual Friday “
* A workshop designed to help empower your employees & build their self esteem. This is a gift all employers should give to their team to help them compete in the difficult field of visual communication.