“Two Ways to Save on Quality Labels”

What a wonderful find! A pair of “like new” CAbi black pants found at my favorite store—the store with the very best under one roof! What can it be but Goodwill. I find good quality is always in style—but sometimes the price can keep me from making the purchase.

By finding a name that I know and trust (the Label once again wins!), I am able to purchase a quality pair of black pants, somewhat classic in that they are straight legged and a good fit for my body, at a better than reasonable price- $3.99.

Part of my philosophy in the Dress Rich, Live Richer way of life is to invest the difference between what something would have cost and what it does cost. Your investment (in this case $76 dollars) could go into a fund for personal treats such as; salon pamperings’ like massage, facials, hairstyling, blow drying, hair coloring, manicures and pedicures, to name a few. Or it can go into a savings account for family fun.

Sometimes, actually, all the time, as wives, mothers, and women, we will often neglect ourselves for the good of others. And frankly, for me anyway, I do it because it feels good to be noted as the “martyr”. That is, until nobody notices anymore. And believe me, it does not take long for that to happen.

Being in the beauty business (well over 30+ years) I have watched women go down that road–some with very disastrous results. However, what I also noted was that others who learned to balance the needs of a family with their own needs were the winners. They
knew the secret to happiness was to give from a full cup. For them the full cup included taking care of themselves.

I noticed some of my clients used the “support my habit” motivation and became consultants for the companies that they love. In doing this they were able to sell enough of that item to support their own purchases. And in some cases they were able to do more than support their purchases—they made money. For the right person, this can be a great way to add additional income to the family budget and still work at home.

Besides it can support your “looking good” habit as well.

Cabi is the name of a direct sales clothing company that was started by designer- Carol Anderson in 2001. She has designed a line that is high quality and was formerly carried by Nordstroms’ until she went “direct to the consumer” cutting out the department store
as the middle man.

The new middle man is you—the direct selling consultant (should you decide to take on this mission). You have the opportunity to become your own store (less the brick and mortar) and give real customer service. The customer service is what will keeps these loyal followers coming back season after season.