Terri Dunevant

Also known as: “Terri the Blitz Master”
I came to Peggy already feeling pretty good about myself, but knowing that I should be getting better results in business.

I thought maybe she could help me with my image. First, she threw out much of my closet (and explained why) then, she told me what I needed to look for (and why). She took the things I was allowed to keep and showed me how to wear them in a way that would accentuate my physical assets while hiding those I didn’t want to accentuate.

She showed me how to wear my hair like a successful woman of my age, how to get the most out of a quick make-up application and gave me recordings to study to that I would not only be doing what she said, but completely understand.

Within a month after my image consultation was complete, my sales went up 10X from the amount they were previously! I felt great, and it showed through in my confidence.

People, believed in me, trusted me, and wanted to do what I represented. Peggy’s consultation was a turning point in my life.

I am now living my dream as a motivational speaker internationally and I owe a part of that to my now best friend, Peggy Webster.

CEO WinCourage,llc

Terri Dunevant,
International Motivational Speaker